Jaguar Robotics Crushes Competition

The Jaguar Robotics Team have been wrapping up a successful season following battles between opposing bots from local and national teams. Under the sponsorship of Hangsterfers Laboratories, the team has been excelling at machining parts for their prized 15-Pound BattleBot for competitions such as the Kansas City Bots tournament – in which the Jaguars were victorious in a match against North Dakota State University’s team and placed high in the competition overall.


After making further improvements to their bot for the state competition, they were placed within the tournament’s ‘Group One’ division and came out on-top against all their opponents. These victories have shown to be possible thanks to the skill and dedication that all members of the team possess, making good use of their coordination to keep an edge.


“While we managed to win that competition as a group, we also had outstanding individual wins.” – Jaguar Robotics,  Benjamin Anderson




While the team’s collective victories were already quite impressive, It’s also been made clear that the hard workers that make up the lifeblood of the Jaguar Robotics Team are themselves excelling at their individual skill-sets. Their Head Machinist, Benjamin Anderson and Electrical Specialist, Andy Merkel both achieved high rankings and claimed the division championships in their respective fields.


Hangsterfers Laboratories is proud to sponsor the Jaguar Robotics Team and are incredibly proud of the achievements made so far through local and state championships – It’s been made clear that the Team has the individual skill-sets and overall cohesion in order to push their success to new heights, and we can’t wait to see what they manage to accomplish next!



“However, all of our achievements and experiences would not have been possible without your sponsorship, the gratitude and respect that we have for you are immeasurable.” – Jaguar Robotics,  Benjamin Anderson



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