Environmental Action and Sustainability Policy

Hangsterfer’s concern for environmental conservation initiatives has always been in the forefront of our business operations. The history of Hangsterfer’s reflects a longstanding stewardship of the environment and conservation – We will continue to pursue such initiatives through company-wide activities. Hangsterfer’s strives to promote ongoing environmental awareness, and continuous improvement is vital to maintaining environmental responsibility and all employees of our business play key roles in the program. Areas of operations that are focused on are:

The development and production of environmentally friendly products. We contribute to sustainability by developing and providing products with as minimal environmental impact as possible. Our products and services contribute to environmental improvement and sustainability also through our trained workforce.

Hangsterfer’s complies with all laws, regulations, and agreements with responsible standards. We are often ahead of regulations and maintain a vigilance to research and develop the next generation of metalworking fluids. We strive to achieve continuous improvement of our impact on the environment.

Conservation of resources is considered. We strive to promote the conservation of energy and resources and the reduction of waste. Hangsterfer’s will make effective use of limited resources in our business activities. We also expect our suppliers to adhere to an environmental responsibility standard.

Environmental education is part of our history. We improve our employees and customers understanding of environmental policies and their awareness and skills related to environmental conservation via in-house environmental education, public relations activities and customer education training.

Hangsterfer’s is celebrating over 80 years of business as a third-generation family owned and operated company. Our reputation as a leader in research, development and manufacturing of metalworking lubricants will continue – As will our focus and support of environmental responsibility and sustainability for our industry and beyond.

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