TSP Equipment: Filters


Why use a filtration system? Improve tool life, surface finish, reduce machine down time for sump maintenance and extend fluid life. Why use our system? Patented non-channeling filter elements for longer life, fluid is filtered before entering pump and portable frame design.


Javelin Coolant Filtering System

Javelin Coolant Filtering System

Model 105100 Javelin Coolant Filtering System with Mount

  • One bag filter which absorbs tramp oils and fine material chips
  • Easily attached to the coolant pump or can be attached to a separate pump (optional)
  • Can be mounted permanently or with a magnetic base (all included)
  • Mounted inside or outside the machine enclosure
  • Simple filter media change (10 per unit included)
  • Will operate with as little as 2.0 gpm (7.6 lpm)
  • Filter replacements available (Model 105100-2)
  • Magnetic wall mount available (Model 105100-1)


Portable Coolant Filtration System

Portable Filtration System

Model 105004 Portable Coolant Filtering System

  • One bag filter, 25 micron standard
  • One channeling filter element, intended for water-based fluids, effective 20 micron filtration
  • Mounted pump system on cart
  • Air diaphragm pump, rated at 4.5 gpm (100 lpm)


Model 105002 Portable Oil Filtering System

  • One bag filter canister, 15 micron and 5 micron standard
  • Two non-channeling filter elements, removes moisture and filters down to 3 microns.
  • Mounted pump system on cart
  • Air diaphragm pump, rated at 4.5 gpm (100 lpm)
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