REACH Certification

REACH – European Union Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals. This regulation – EC 1907/2006 – came into force on Just 1st 2007 and replaced a number of European directives and regulations with a single system. The aim of REACH is to improve the protection of human health and the environment through identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances used during all phases of development and distribution. Manufacturers and importers are required to register the information in a central database maintained by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki Finland.

Our Certificate of Compliance to REACH is available here: Reach Certificate

SVHC – The regulation also calls for the substitution of the most dangerous chemicals – Substances of Very High Concern” – when suitable alternatives have been identified. All Hangsterfers products are free of any substances classified as SVHC.

Our Certificate of Compliance to SVHC law is available here: SVHC Certificate

RoHSRestriction of Hazardous Substances, Directive 2002/95/EC was implemented to restrict the use of (10) specific substances in electrical and electronic equipment. All of Hangsterfers products are free of any of these hazardous substances.

Our Certificate of Compliance to the RoHS is available here: RoHS Certificate

At Hangsterfers, we go beyond what is expected of the standards in our industry to ensure that our products are safe to handle and our operations are environmentally sustainable. If you want to learn more about our Environmental Action and Sustainability Policy, click here.

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