Supreme Coat Plus!

Hangsterfer’s Laboratories has mastered the production of metalworking fluids, and now we have a new product made for handling a vast array of every-day utilities. Make replacement jobs easier on rusty parts, or seal and protect automotive surfaces while adding a brilliant sheen. Our Non-Toxic, low odor formula also ensures a safe and pleasant work environment while using our product. No need to shake the can either, just spray away or use the included Never Fail Straw!

  • Cleans, Coats, and protects against Rust & Corrosion
  • Stops Squeaks
  • Loosens Rusted Parts
  • Removes Stains, Adhesives and more
  • Non-Toxic, Low Odor formulation
  • Biodegradable
  • And MUCH MORE!

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At Hangsterfers, we go beyond what is expected of the standards in our industry to ensure that our products are safe to handle and our operations are environmentally sustainable. If you want to learn more about our Environmental Action and Sustainability Policy, click here.

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