“Over the last 6 months we have changed most of our saws to Hangsterfers S-787 with immediate improvements such as cleaner work areas, longer blade life and better cuts! …it’s less greasy and messy than the previous coolant which saves us time cleaning parts after cutting as well as getting the coolant back out of the saw fines for reuse… the cut quality is much improved as far as finish and blade life… Lastly, the people at Hangsterfers are spot on with customer support!”

– James Hostetler, TMS Titanium


“I am writing to inform you that over the past few weeks, I have been testing Crystal Cut 355 in one of our crankshaft grinders. I have had excellent results!! …The crystal cut cools our grinding wheels much better, and I have noticed a small improvement in our finish as well.”

– Josh Krebs, CharNor


“We have been using Hangsterfer’s S-737 since August 2015. The machinists have liked the change saying the new coolant allows for better visibility while machining with no foaming issues.”

– Brian McLaughlin, DTL Technologies, L.P.


“The Hangsterfer’s S-787 has met, and continues to meet our criteria for machining performance, health/safety/environmental compliance, cleanliness, foam control, and protection to critical machine components, i.e., spindles. Sustainable and repeatable performance has been achieved on Titanium and other aerospace materials, as well as traditional metallurgy…”

Makino’s Process R&D Group


“About 9 months ago, we switched from E206 [to Hangsterfer’s S-787] coolant and have since seen a reduction in consumption close to 30%… We no longer have a pungent coolant odor… our employees are happy for the switch and experience no skin irritation… We believe our work environment is healthier and cleaner because of S-787. Thank you for a great product.

– Tim Moore, Special Mine Services


“I am more than pleased with the 747 and cannot thank you enough for bringing it into my shop. It is so easy to maintain, smells great (if at all), and performs perfectly.”

– Laney Smith, RockSmith Precision Machining Inc.


“We switched our shop from Cimcool to Hangsterfers S-787 several months ago… The health benefits alone were the reason for our decision to try something new. Since we have made the transition, the machines are cleaner. Parts come out spotless with no residue… And, our usage has gone down. Thanks again for a great recommendation.”

– Brian Zirklebach, A-Z Welding and Machine Incorporated


“Livekey Tool and Machine has been using S-787 coolant for two years now and we are very pleased with the performance… It has stayed clean in the sump with little to no odor. It has also kept the inside of the CNC machines cleaner. Compared to other products it is superior in tool life with our cutters and rust prevention on our parts.”

– Livekey Tool and Machine LLC


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