Aerospace Industry Innovation


Since 1937, Hangsterfer’s has specialized in the development of the highest quality, high performance and non-hazardous metalworking lubricants. We are well recognized for providing environmentally safe metalworking fluids which won’t compromise your manufacturing output or machining performance.


Our technology guarantees vital lubrication to the tool-work piece interface, improving tool life and process stability that excels on materials used in the aerospace industry. Hangsterfer’s has succeeded in the research & development of numerous innovative and remarkably effective metalworking solutions for this industry.

Your Productivity-
• Maximize speeds and feeds
• Increase tool life
• Achieve tight tolerances


Health and Safety-
• Boron and secondary amine free
• GHS, REACH, and ROHS compliant
• Non-toxic and non-hazardous


Approved and Accepted-
• Globally recognized and endorsed
• Independently tested and verified
• OEM approved



Our products will exceed your expectations without compromise to health, safety, or environmental concerns – Hangsterfer’s provides harmony between industry and nature! If you have any questions about our products or would like a quote – feel free to contact us today.


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