B&G Manufacturing

A Lathe Machine at B&G Manufacturing’s site in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

At Hangsterfers, we pride ourselves on working alongside some of the hardest working innovators within the metalworking industry and those who has stepped up to face the challenges of such a highly competitive trade. B&G Manufacturing is such a case, as a family owned and operated company with 60 years of experience under their belts – which has allowed them to build a core focus on reliability to their customers.


With the combined ability of Hangsterfer’s metalworking fluids and B&G Manufacturing’s skillful edge, even the toughest of jobs are easily within operational capacity. B&G handles many exotic alloys on their production floor, and as such Hangsterfer’s S-500 CF was up to the task – allowing for outstanding performance and longevity with minimized waste.

A drilling machine goes to work at B&G Manufacturing’s site in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

The addition of more Hangstefer’s metalworking fluids to B&G’s roster has gone without issue, and has allowed for exceptional output with minimized risk to worker’s health and safety. Hangsterfers is proud to work alongside such a skilled business, and we look forward to what the future holds for this continued working relationship.

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