Clear Choice of the Energy Industry

Environmental safety-
• Boron and Secondary amine free
GHS, REACH and ROHS compliant
• Bio-based and Bio-degradable formulas

Machinists love it-
• Mild or Low odor
• Proven safe for the skin
• Clear visibility, Low residue

Long lasting-
• Reduces consumption
• Eliminates bacteria and fungus
• Excellent rust protection

Our products will exceed your expectations without compromise to health, safety, or environmental concerns. Since 1937, Hangsterfer’s has specialized in the development of the highest quality, high performance and non-hazardous metalworking lubricants within our industry. We take great pride in our work to further improve the safety of metalworking fluids in our industry – Read some testimonials from the satisfied customers of our products:

“I am more than pleased with Hangsterfer’s and cannot thank you enough for bringing it into my shop. It is so easy to maintain, smells great (if at all), and performs perfectly.”

– Laney Smith, RockSmith Precision Machining Inc.

“We switched our shop from Cimcool to Hangsterfer’s several months ago… The health benefits alone were the reason for our decision to try something new. Since we have made the transition, the machines are cleaner. Parts come out spotless with no residue… And, our usage has gone down. Thanks again for a great recommendation.”

– Brian Zirklebach, A-Z Welding and Machine Incorporated

“Livekey Tool and Machine has been using Hangsterfer’s coolant for two years now and we are very pleased with the performance… It has stayed clean in the sump with little to no odor. It has also kept the inside of the CNC machines cleaner. Compared to other products it is superior in tool life with our cutters and rust prevention on our parts.”

– Livekey Tool and Machine LLC

For over 80 years, Hangsterfer’s has manufactured the most advanced metalworking fluids in the world! Find out how you can maximize machine capabilities and exceed customer expectations with our products – contact us today!

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