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Working hard on the shop floor at Excello Tool Engineering & Manufacturing


Excello Tool Engineering & Manufacturing Co. is a top-tier manufacturing facility specializing in CNC machining services, especially for the Aerospace and Medical fields. Within their production site in Milford, Connecticut – the business has excelled at producing fine-tuned parts for close-tolerance components and assemblies since 1960, back when the company was a humble three-man operation.


Excello Tool’s Lathe Department foreman, Christopher Lickteig, had happened across the efficiency and cost-saving capabilities of Hangsterfer’s products while visiting his friend’s machine shop – after which he decided to give our 5080 Coolant a spin on one of his CNC machines. The results were immediate and remarkable, leading to the conversion of the other CNC machines on the shop floor to Hangsterfer’s lubricant.

“We have seen ZERO issues with this coolant, (5080). The money we have saved in not changing out old stinky coolant through labor and removal costs, has already paid us back.” – Christopher Lickteig,  Lathe Dept. Foreman

The transition of metalworking fluids has been without any performance issues – impressive given the incredibly wide range of raw materials that Excello works with on a daily basis with their machines. Not only that, but thanks to Hangsterfer’s focus on products that are safe to handle, there has been a noticeable improvements on the shop floor.


Due to the spectacular performance of our product, Excello has taken on using Hangsterfer’s machine cleaning/prepping fluids as well – also to great effect. Allowing to strip the machines of older coolant residue to allow for a smoother transition to the new fluids. In Christopher’s own words, the transition to Hangsterfer’s product has been “flawless”!


“…Our job shop works on many different grades of Stainless Steels,(300/400 series, 17-4, 15-5), Tool Steels, (A2, O1, S7, D2), Carbon Steels, (4140, 1018, 12L14, 4340), Aluminum, (2024, 6061,  7075), Brass, Bronze, etc … It has been a flawless system/routine thus far,  and all in the department are very pleased with the results.” – Christopher Lickteig,  Lathe Dept. Foreman


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