Holmatro & Hangsterfers

The strength of Holmatro equipment is demonstrated, in this case the famous ‘Jaws of Life’ is capable of lifting large debris.


Holmetro is an industry leader in producing hydraulic rescue equipment for emergency operators such as Firefighters and EMTs. For over 50 years they have excelled in the production of famous rescue devices such as the ‘Jaws of Life’, Telescopic Rams, and car-door cutters – all of which have proven themselves in the field to save lives under the intense pressure of time.


The precision of these tools is only matched by the skill demonstrated in their manufacture by Holmatro – and subsequently in the metalworking lubricants used to power and produce the final products. Hangsterfer’s has been providing Holmatro with our 5080 Coolant at their facility in the United States, and the coolant has provided fantastic results both in better performance and annual cost-saving efficiency.



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