Partnership with Livetools

Livetools is an Australian-based business that specializes in tooling solutions for machine shops of all sizes, and distributing to both domestic and international markets. Founded in 2012, Livetools has made major strides in ensuring top-of-the-line business standards while maintaining a fantastic customer service record. All while practicing and promoting a strong focus on environmental and business sustainability – this in particular has been an an element which blossomed into a partnership between Hangsterfers and Livetools in 2017 – and is now nearing the 5-year anniversary of our partnership this upcoming winter.


As a distributor of Hangsterfers Laboratory’s metalworking products, Livetools has excelled at chronicling our business’s focus of promoting our product’s superior health and safety – when compared to regional and international competitors. Furthermore, they have done phenomenal work in highlighting our own standard of going above-and-beyond compliance to global regulations by staying ahead of the curve and making adjustments prior to their legal implementation and enforcement.


Livetools and Hangsterfers first cooperative showing at a venue in Australia – 2017.


Delving more into our business cooperation, Livetools has done remarkable work with discovering the most effective synergies with both of our company’s products whilst minimizing any potential deficiencies. Our metalworking fluids are a good compliment to ensure they are working in the most efficient way – improving surface quality and extending tool life. The work that’s been done between Livetools and Hangsterfers Laboratories has already been phenomenal. We look forward to working further with Livetools as we do with our other partners for decades to come, and are especially thankful for the continued perseverance under such harsh global conditions.


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