S-396 Soars Above Competition

Hangsterfer’s S-396 coolant works wonders at High-Tech Machining & Mfg!

The metalworking industry is a sector that demands the best cutting fluids in order to achieve the best quality product, and Hangsterfer’s has yet again proven to provide a cost-saving fluid solution with apex results. In this case, High-Tech Machining & Mfg located in Ukiah, California has recently made the switch to using one of our most renowned cooling products, ‘S-396’ for his CNC Machines.


High-Tech Machining & Mfg‘s Owner, Tony Clouser, had previously utilized ‘Master Fluid Trim E206’ for his machines – yet the fluid caused such troublesome amounts of foam that he needed to utilize additional anti-foam chemicals which resulted in additional costs and sticky residue. Once the switch was made to ‘S-396’, it performed so well on the machines that not only did performance on aluminum and stainless steel succeed previous fluids, but the anti-foam chemicals which were previously used to run alongside them were no longer needed – as ‘S-396’ produced zero foam.

“Hangsterfer’s S-396 is now in 3 of my CNC machines and I must say the experience has been quite divine. The price is right and the performance in on-point!” High-Tech Machining & Mfg, Tony Clouser




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