Working Hard at Hardy Machine

Hard at work on the floor at Hardy Machine’s facility in Pennsylvania.

Hardy Machine LLC is a family operated manufacturer of high-quality metal components for the medical industry, semiconductor production, rail transit, and many others. The company prides itself on incredibly flexible production times and filling their ranks with hard-working industry professionals, and since Summer 2020 they’ve become an associate of Hangsterfers.


Over the course of a few months, their shop of 15+ machines were converted from using ‘Master Fluid’s Solutions to Hangsterfer’s product – and since then production has gone incredibly smoothly. The jobs Hardy Machine Handles are often too much for other machining shops, they handle tasks which take several intensive hours on their machines to prep and program. Thanks to both the incredibly skilled nature of their personnel  and the efficiency of Hangsterfer’s products, they are on-track to continue excelling within their sector of the industry.


Working hands-on with one of their production machines at the Hardy Machine shop floor.

As the industry continues to evolve and suit the ongoing production difficulties of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Hangsterfers is incredibly thankful for being able to work alongside other businesses such as Hardy Machine for going above and beyond to maintain quality and flexibility.

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